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For little ones

Based on the fact that all children speak their MOTHER-TONGUE, Shinichi Suzuki realized that the very young child learns MUSIC the same way we all have learned to speak, a process which depends basically on a lot of imitation, repetition, and praise. The Method relies on a relationship that Suzuki brilliantly expressed by means of a perfect shape, the triangle: . As the three, four, and five your olds are learning basic skills from their parents how to brush their teeth, how to tie their shoelaces they  also learn basic piano skills from a teacher that has the help of the parent during the lesson and  at home.  Teacher and parent/ teacher work as a team to  provide encouragement, repetition, and praise, when the triangle is well balanced the process is most rewarding. The book "Nurtured By Love" by Shinichi Suzuki  addresses many issues that belong in the beginning of instruction, it is required reading for curious parents interested in this type of instruction. 




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